Thursday, 12 May 2011


At the end of a long day, working on whatever research project you have at hand, it's nice to settle down in your favourite chair with a nice glass of something pleasant to drink.

Now, we've mentioned tea on a number of occasions on this blog, but sometimes you need something a little bit stronger. For many men, that means beer.

"But what if I want to combine my interest in Scottish military history with my love of a nice glass of beer?" There's no way to do that." I hear you say.

Aha! That's where you would be wrong.

Stirling-based company Traditional Scottish Ales have released a series of "Famous battles" editions of beers, and these can now be bought in your local branch of Aldi for a very reasonable price.

Bannockburn is described as a "pale golden coloured beer with a thick tight head. Delightfully refreshing with complex hoppy and fruity aroma. A very drinkable session ale quickly becoming one of our best selling cask ales."

Sherrifmuir is described as a "ruby red ale" and "is the hoppiest of our beers, clean, sharp and fresh tasting heavily hopped with a dry aftertaste and hoppy aroma."

Finally, Stirling Brig is described as a "classic rich dark ruby red ale with a creamy head" and is a "typical Scottish 80/- style ale."

So now you can enjoy a refreshing glass of beer while still enjoying your interest in our military past. Cheers!

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