Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Veritas Vincit

We recently covered Scottish re-enactors on this blog but at the time I knew it wasn't a complete list.

I have now found an Ayrshire based group called 'Veritas Vincit' who started off as a group re-enacting the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion, but in the last couple of years have moved on to other periods.

As before here are the details from their website in their own words.

Veritas Vincit

Bringing History To Life

Breathtaking entertainment and engaging education are the two things that Veritas Vincit strives to provide.

Since 2002 Veritas Vincit has been slowly growing into something that can provide this in any circumstance. Starting off as a civil duelling society the focus quickly shifted onto the Jacobite uprising of 1715. The reason for picking this particular uprising was due to the concentration of other groups on the uprising of 1745.

The early vision of Veritas Vincit was of a mobile group of reenactors who could arrive at any event unencumbered and perform dazzling displays of swordsmanship. This became Veritas for many years and under the leadership of James Finnie the group flourished. In 2009 James Finnie emigrated to Canada and he was succeeded by his eldest son David Finnie. The focus of the group now changed to incorporate firearms and a working living history encampment. Veritas has now also expanded in terms of historical eras covered with the 94th regiment of foot, the only Scottish Napoleonic reenactment group in the world made up of Scots.

In the coming years Veritas Vincit aims to continue bringing history to life.

Veritas Vincit are available for Educational shows as well as entertaining shows. Veritas Vincit are forever advancing on their period costume, knowledge and understanding of the three main periods that they portray. The group largely focuses on the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion and are also available for the 1745 Rebellion, for these Jacobite eras the group has an authentic encampment. It also have a small amount of members that portray a Medieval display, educational and entertaining. The third main period is Napoleonic, where a large majority of the group are part of the 94th Regiment of Foot.

Veritas Vincit have recently moved onto the twitteverse and have taken the name @VeritasVinvit17 if you want to follow them. If you are interested in getting involved with them they have contact details on their website here.

Because this article is just about the double Vs I will add their events calendar for this year. If any of the groups we mentioned in the last article want the same publicity we will be more than happy to publish their dates here too.

Veritas Vincit's 2011 Event Calendar

18th and 19th June (as 94th Foot): The Battle of Waterloo. Waterloo, Belgium

17th July: Kinlochard Highland games, Kinlochard

30th and 31st July: Callander Highland Games, Callander

6th and 7th August: Occupation! Edinburgh 1745. St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Grounds (North), Edinburgh

13th and 14th August: Fort George

20th and 21st August: Lanark Festival, Lanark

24th and 25th September: Battle of Preston Pans, Prestonpans

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