Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pipefest Normandy


Pipefest Normandy pays tribute to Piper Bill Millin who was personal piper to Lord Lovat on D-Day and piped the invasion forces on to the shores of France; going to war with his bagpipe, he played as men fell all around him. Pipefest Normandy follows in the footsteps of Bill Millin, with events planned on Sword Beach, Pegasus Bridge and Caen.

Pipefest Normandy is part of a campaign led by the D-Day Piper Bill Millin Association to build a statue near Sword Beach to celebrate Bill Millin and remember those that fell on D-Day. This campaign sets out to raise enough funds to build this statue – with the unveiling planned during Pipefest Normandy. All pipers and drummers are asked to become involved. For more information please visit the campaign site:

As part of this campaign Pipe Bands, Pipers, Drummers and Drum Mayors from all over the World are invited to take part in Pipefest Normandy and help pay tribute to Piper Bill Millin. Pipefest Normandy will be held on the weekend, 4-5 June 2011, with lots to do for players and families. Apart from Pipefest events there is a huge amount to explore in Normandie including museums, galleries and famous landmarks.

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