Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Book launch and exhibition in Thornhill

Today sees the launch of Gladys Cuttle's latest war memorial book.

"Morton War Memorial and Memories in Thornhill, Dumfriesshire" compiled by Gladys Cuttle is being launched in Lodge St John's Masonic Hall in Thornhill (66-68 Drumlanrig Street) at 7.00 pm. It is going on sale at £10.00.

The author of Monday's post on Fighting Ministers, Paul Goodwin will be there too.

Tomorrow there is an exhibition in the same location between 11.00am and 3.00pm called "War memorials and War Years"

The other books on Nithsdale war memorials which Gladys has compiled are:

'History of the Penpont War Memorial and Parish Memories' (Updated Reprint) - £10.00
'Keir War Memorial and Parish Memories' - £10.00
'Closeburn War Memorial and Parish Memories' - £10.00
'Letters of a Durisdeer Soldier: james Hendrie 1889 - 1916' - £15.00
'Durisdeer War Memorials and Parish Memories' - £10.00

All books including the latest one can be purchased directly from Gladys (at the price given above, plus £2.00 p&p). Please use the feedback form on the SMRG website and we can put you in touch directly with Gladys if you wish to order any books.

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