Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bannockburn: A New History

I've received notification of the publication of a new book on the Battle of Bannockburn. Here's the information from the press release:

"Bannockburn 1314: A New History
by Chris Brown
To be published 11th January 2010, priced £12.99

A history of the most celebrated battle between Scotland and England in which a mere 7,000 followers of Robert The Bruce defeated over 15,000 of Edward II's troops.

The battle of Bannockburn, fought over two days by a small river crossing in Stirling, was a decisive victory for Robert the Bruce in the Scottish Wars of Independence against the English. It was the greatest defeat the English would suffer throughout the middle ages, and a huge personal humiliation for King Edward II.

  • The most comprehensive history of the battle ever undertaken.
  • The author’s conclusions rewrite the history books.
  • A new look at the terrain where the battle was fought.
  • Recreates the campaign and battle from the perspectives of both the Scots and English.
  • In-depth investigation of the contemporary narrative sources and the administrative records.
  • Major reassessment of the Scottish victory against the English.
  • 25 colour illustrations and 25 b&w illustrations.

Chris Brown is an acknowledged expert on medieval Scotland and was awarded a PhD from St Andrews University. His other books include William Wallace, The Second Scottish Wars of Independence, Robert the Bruce, The Battle for Aberdeen 1644, and Scottish Battlefields: 500 Battles that Shaped Scottish History. He lives near Fife in Scotland."

To be published by The History Press, this looks worth picking up. I hope to publish a review nearer the time of publication.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Approaching Remembrance Day

As we approach Remembrance Day, I'm sure that, like me, you start to think a little more about the sacrifice made by many men and women for the cause of freedom. But we should also remember those who came home.

We should remember those who still bear the scars of conflict, and those who perhaps should be remembered more than those who did not come home.

Please take time to visit the following sites, and please consider giving to some of these worthy causes:

Poppy Scotland

Help for Heroes