Sunday, 1 May 2011

April 2011 - That Was The Month That Was

Time for our traditional look at what proved popular with you blog viewers. Here's our rundown of the ten most popular postings for the month of April:

  1. Three men in a boat. But is the boat real? Is the water? Are the men themselves fake?
  2. Fancy a trip to Kelvingrove? Here's some of what you'll see.
  3. A lot of spit and polish goes into a Royal Wedding.
  4. If Prince William wants to avoid the fate of the last Earl of Strathern, he'll shut the window at night.
  5. Trench art from an interment camp makes our number 5 spot.
  6. A Glasgow super-museum. Good idea or bad idea?
  7. Fancy dressing up? Join some of this lot then.
  8. Crash sites in Scotland are to be surveyed.
  9. The second-last battle on British soil.
  10. Visiting the KOSB Museum this weekend? No you aren't. Because it won't be open.
And here's a look at the search terms that brought you to our merry little blog.

  • earl of strathern
  • 1888 civil war painting by robert gibb
  • alexander wallace macdonald fort william
  • green to the bridge military
  • ix legion hadrian's wall
  • military parade royal wedding
  • Gordon highlanders anglo afghan war
  • john mcnay (I'd love to get in touch with whoever this was!)
  • michael trubshawe david niven
See you next month!

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