Friday, 29 April 2011

Images of the Day - 29th April 2011

Another image from the collection of my wife's grandfather today. This one has a few unanswered questions, but we can at least identify the unit these men were serving in.

This postcard has an excellent view of the cap badges on display, and these men all appear to be serving with the Lanarkshire Yeomanry.

Apart from that, we have little else to go on. The men are all unidentified, and although we can see a shoulder title on the man in the middle, the picture isn't clear enough to read it.

As for the location...I'd like to think, given the regiment, that this was taken when boating on Lanark Loch, but there isn't enough background detail to confirm that. As for the white object in the background...I have no idea. A tent? A shed or some kind of pavilion?

So...another mystery photo, but an interesting one nonetheless. As before, if anyone has any ideas...please get in touch either through the comments here or by emailing us.

Click on the photo for a larger version of the image.


  1. I posted a link to this picture on the Talking Scot forum and it has generated some discussion that it may in fact be a staged shot.

    If not it is likely that the photographer was on the bank and perhaps this is a river rather than a loch?

    More questions than answers!


  2. Here is a link to the Talking Scot forum: