Thursday, 21 April 2011

Images of the Day - 21st April 2011

Usually with these "Image of the Day" posts the subject has been an almost total mystery - that's been the nature of the photographs I've had to work with recently.

This batch of photos are slightly different in that I can name one man in all of them.

These photographs are in an album belonging to my wife, and they feature her grandfather, John Struthers.

John served in the 10/11th Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry, and was taken prisoner in March 1918. In addition to these photographs, the album they were in contain a number of other pictures which we will post in future "Image..." articles. However, I've decided to group these three together as they are the only ones to feature John Struthers.

John wrote a number of letters home to his parents, and we have copies of these as well as some originals - but that's for another time...

The first picture is a studio portrait, the date of whch is unknown.

The second picture appears to be a group of signallers. John Struthers is standing third from the left. We don't know what duties he performed in the battalion - he may have been a signaller.

The third and final picture is a more informal shot, taken "after a hard 'days graft'". The last word on the photo is unreadable. Is it "operation"? John is standing second from the right.

As with previous "Image of the Day" posts, if you have any further information on these phhotos, please do get in touch with us.

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