Monday, 23 May 2011

Highlanders in Palestine - On this day in Scottish Military History - 1936

We usually do the Scottish military 'On this days' ourselves but I came across this one on the 'New York Times' website. It comes from the files of the 'International Herald Tribute' from seventy five years ago and mentions two Highland regiments.

The recent news of a Palestinian State being discussed between Israel and the United States of America shows that the issue of the West Bank and Jerusalem goes back further than 1967 and even 1947.

1936 Troops Arrive in Jerusalem

The situation here continued critical today, with Arabs firing shots at buses and cars entering the city, although they were accompanied by armed convoys. Motor traffic in the southern half of the country is allowed to proceed only with police permits. Relief was felt today when more British troops arrived, comprising the First Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders and a field company of the Royal Engineers dispatched from Egypt to reinforce the Cameron Highlanders. The Highlanders received orders to suppress shooting and sniping by Arabs and street fighting. The Royal Engineers will have the duty of ensuring communications and safe guarding transport and will also be responsible for running trains and working telephones. Arab leaders have disclaimed responsibility for the strife which has lasted for five weeks.

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