Sunday, 8 May 2011

Image of the Day - 8th May 2011

Today's image of the day comes from reader Suzie Withy, who sent it to us hoping we might be able to provide some information for her.

Suzie says that the man in the picture is "Jack" Reid (although he was probably named John Reid) and that he came from Glasgow.  She says he died of his wounds in 1915, although she doesn't say if he was still serving at the time or if he had been discharged.

Jack is pictured with his fiancee Cissie, who is Suzie's relative. Suzie says she has tried to identify the regiment in the picture with no success.

What can our intrepid blog readers make of this picture? Can we identify a unit for Suzie? Obviously there is no cap badge, which would make identification a lot easier. He's not in a kilt, so that would seem to rule out a few regiments. What about those collar badges? They would seem to be the only means of identification. Unfortunately, I've been unable to enlarge that part of the image without losing any definition.

So..any ideas? Answers to the usual places - either in the comments below, email us, or post a reply on our Facebook page, where the photo will be in our "Images of the Day" folder.

As per usual, click on the image for a slightly larger version.

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  1. I think he may have been in a Canadian Unit. The generous cut of the uniform and the shape of the collar badges suggest a CEF unit to me.

    His trousers seem quite baggy and may be breeches so I may be barking up the wrong tree but I'd plump for a Canadian Mounted Rifles unit.

    Plenty of Scots served in CMR regiments so no reason why Jack Reid didn't.

    If he was in a Canadian unit his attestation papers should be online at the National Archives of Canada.