Sunday, 1 May 2011

World Wars Experience - Photo report from the Museum of Flight

Today was a fairly exhausting day with my daughter at the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune, to see the World Wars Experience.

There was too much to see and do over the course of the day, so rather than present you with a full report, I thought I'd share some of the photos of our day out.

You can view the rest of the photos at our Facebook page.

 Dave Clarke from the Gordon Highlanders 1914-1918 re-enactment group.

 Bristol Blenheim undergoing restoration. Blenheims were stationed at East Fortune at one point during the Second World War.

 A display of armaments and equipment from a WW2 US camp.

 Front section of a Nimrod.

 Vulcan bomber. This one was forced to land in Brazil during the Falklands War and has a small Brazilian flag on the nose in recognition of this.

 English Electric Lightning. You can read the history of this particular plane here.

 No museum of flight should be without at least one Spitfire.

 This is one of the engines from the plane which brought Rudolf Hess to Scotland.

General overview of the "military aircraft" hangar.

Memorial to New Zealand airmen who were stationed in Scotland.

SEPECAT Jaguar, still in her Gulf War paint scheme

Blackburn Buccaneer

The Gordons march off to battle.

Capturing an enemy machine gun post.

The WW2 tanks didn't make an appearance - but this did.

All in all, a very good day. The weather was excellent (albeit quite windy!) and the Museum of Flight is always worth a visit. I've not uploaded any photos of Concorde here, but it's well worth the trip just to see her - she's a truly beautiful machine.

Strange though, that you can buy a City of Glasgow squadron badge, but not a City of Edinburgh squadron one...

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