Monday, 9 May 2011

Scotland's Favourite Memorials - Part 1, Lanarkshire

Some time last year we started a new section on the Scottish War Memorials Project to try and find which was the most admired civic war memorial in the country.

We've decided to run polls on the forum, starting with this one, to determine the favourite for each area.

Once we have the favourite for each area, we'll put them all in a final poll to determine the winner.

Today we cover the memorials in Lanarkshire. Take a look at the photos here, but also view the thread for each in the Scottish War Memorials Project for more photos and information for each one. Then, use the poll below to determine your favourite.

Here are the contenders:


Poll closes in a week, so get voting!

What is your favourite Lanarkshire memorial?
Crossford free polls

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  1. I voted for the Crossford memorial. When I was growing up we had friends who lived in Crossford acroos the road from the memorial. When playing there in the summer we used to use the fountain all the time, either to drink, fill up the waterbottles on our bikes, or fill up our supersoakers! Back then I never realised what it was, but I do like the fact that something as communal and useful as a village fountain was incorporated into the war memorial