Thursday, 23 December 2010

Fancy a brew?

I'm always partial to a nice cup of tea. The first thing I do when I get to work is to fill my mug and have a nice cuppa. It sets me up for the day.

We've written about tea on the blog before, when it was announced that NAAFI Tea was available to the public.

Now, for those of you prefer your tea loose and not shoved into a bag, you can purchase Royal Air Force tea. It not only tastes delicious, but whenever you purchase it you are helping the Royal Air Force charities.

Made by the Rare Tea Company, you can either purchase it directly from them, or you can buy it at Sainsbury's. You'll find it online by searching item code 7337723 on the Sainsbury's website.

Need persuading further? Why not let Alexander Armstrong explain how good this tea is:

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