Thursday, 2 December 2010

3rd wave of "Cameronians"

I make a point of not making any political points on my blog, I’ll leave that to others. There are plenty of ranters and ravers out there who froth at the mouth over the actions of MPs, MSP, MEPs etc. It’s not for me.

However today I’m going to dip my toe ever so slightly into something that is starting to crop up in the political pages of the English newspapers which I think is worth mentioning here.

What I’ve noticed is that there is a new word being used to describe people loyal to Prime Minister David Cameron. The word they use to describe them is Cameronians

At first I couldn't believe it that they would hijack the name but actually the Cameronians are now history so who can blame them for using such a handy word? The original Cameronians were covenanter followers of Richard Cameron. Richard Cameron and David Cameron, leaders of Cameronians, you can't argue with that.

The second Cameronians were the British infantry regiment but the 1st Battalion Cameronians chose disbandment to amalgamation over forty years ago. The Cameronians were removed from the Army list in 1995 when the T.A. Cameronians were rebadged to KOSB, and the Lanarkshire Army Cadet Force rebadged from Cameronians in 1999. Can anyone complain the word is being re-used now? It's been up for grabs for eleven years.

The third wave of Cameronians are now here. It may grate to hear the name of a fine old Scottish regiment now being used for political purposes but I’m sure it will be a few years before David Cameron steps down from leading his party so we better start getting used to it.

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