Thursday, 23 December 2010

The SMRG Advent Calendar - Day 23

Today's advent calendar is actually a late replacement for something else which had been planned but unfortunately fell through at the last minute.

However, that gives me an opportunity to launch what might be the most exciting item of all, and perhaps our biggest launch of the year.

Among the many projects we have running is one which has been sitting on the "back burner" for a little while. This is the project to fully transcribe the Roll of Honour for the city of Glasgow.

The project page on our website goes into more detail about the Roll. It contains nearly 18,500 names and the task to transcribe has not been an easy one.

The project is still not complete, as there is much checking to be done, but today, as our Christmas present to you all, we proudly present the first section of the transcribed roll - this comprises the letters A through to D, and features just over 4,500 entries.

Much of the work in transcribing this roll was undertaken by Kevin O'Neill. Kevin did a lot of work for the Research Group, transcribing not only this roll but also many of the names on civic war memorials. Kevin sadly passed away in November this year, and he was very keen to see the Roll for Glasgow completed. Sadly he did not live to see that, but we would like to take this opportunity to dedicate the transcribed roll to his memory.

The first section of the Roll can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Glasgow City Roll of Honour A-D

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