Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rifleman Daniel Thomson Memorial Window, Uddingston - Featured memorial

I'll make no excuses for another stained glass window as today's featured memorial. They are a favourite of mine and this one is no exception.

I can't comment on the quality of the workmanship but I can comment on the subject. It's not often you see Second World War infantrymen on a window so this was a nice surprise when I saw this one on the Scottish War Memorials Project.

The window is a memorial to Rifleman Daniel Thomson of the 7th Bn Cameronians who died on 18th January 1945 in the Netherlands. The window was designed by Douglas Hamilton

Interestingly the soldiers depicted in the window have rolled up sleeves and I wouldn't have imagined that Rifleman Thomson was dressed liked than when he died during the winter of 1944-45 in Holland. Therefore I take it the artist wanted the rolled up sleeves to signify something. Most stained glass windows are full of meaning so I would be surprised if this depiction hasn't some meaning.

The memorial is to a Cameronian and the group of figures reminds me of the Cameronians memorial in Glasgow.

The memorial window was formerly in the Uddingston Chalmers Church and has now been moved to the Uddingston Old Church.

One hundred years ago there were thousands of churches across Scotland. As we enter a more secular age and as congregations age and shrink we hear of more and more church mergers and closures. With every church being closed there are the fittings to consider. Memorial plaques on walls aren't too hard to relocate; communion tables may move too. It's not always easy to move windows though, especially if the building is listed and Historic Scotland have a say.

Luckily this window was moved and is still in a church, and in still in Uddingston.

Anyway I don't want to end this post on a glum note when we can enjoy looking at a beautiful piece of art in memory of Rifleman Thomson

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