Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Month in Review - February 2011

So, what were the most popular topics this month?

  1. A Trophy from the RHF Museum is our first Object of the Month
  2. The Story Behind the Name - Robert Mavor
  3. They named it after him, but HMS Camperdown wouldn't have sounded right
  4. The Royal Scots Club completes refurbishment
  5. The Canadians are Coming!
  6. John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudon and his fairly unglamorous military career
  7. Armadale & District Roll of Honour - can we get a link on your site now, Tom?
  8. A drum hidden during the retreat to Dunkirk comes home
  9. Our New Year video keeps racking up the page visits
  10. Scottish Railway staff records at General Register House
And, just for fun, what have people been searching for that lead them to our little blog? Here's the top results:
  • cairncross twins
  • first world war
  • scottish military
  • barmoor army camp before flodden
  • colin hamilton royal navy
  • fife & forfar yeomanry wwi
  • fife rifle volunteers
  • fort george inverness
  • gen wimberley
  • s/s politician

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