Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Images of the Day - 15/03/11

In the past we have occasionally posted up photos to one of our forums, looking for information on the subject or the location of the photograph.

What we thought we'd do on the blog is have a semi-regular showcase of some photos in our collections. We post these, together with whatever information we have, and see if there's any information forthcoming.

At the very least, it makes for some interesting viewing.

Today's photos come from my personal collection. I don't know any of the men in these photographs. The only thing I do know is that they are Highland Light Infantry. My wife's grandfather served in the 10/11th Battalion in the First World War, and I believe they came from her family. Her grandfather is not pictured in these photos.

Click the images for larger versions.

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  1. My Great Uncle John McCracken was in the 10th Highlanders Light Inft. Unfortunately I dont have a photo of him to say if he is in your photo. He died "of wounds" in France 25 Sep 1915.