Monday, 14 February 2011

We want YOU! (to write for us...)

Over the past few months Adam and I been working hard on the blog to bring you a selection of articles and news which we hope is of interest.

However, the SMRG isn't just the work of the two of us. And with that in mind we'd like to extend an open invitation to anyone who is interested in contributing.

There are a number of regular features which you might like to add to:
  • On this Day in Scottish Military History: we discuss an event in the past and its relevance to Scottish Military History.
  • Who's Who - a look at the career and life of a figure from Scottish history. This can be anyone from the lowliest private to the highest-ranking Field Marshall.
  • The Story Behind The Name: we pick a name from a memorial and bring their story to life.
  • Object of the Month - do you have an item that might be of interest?
These are just the features we've come up with. We're open to any suggestions you might have for an article. Have you read a book that you'd like to tell people about? Are you organising or attending an event that might be of interest? Tell us about it!

We'd be delighted to accept any articles that might be of interest to readers of this blog. You can email them to, or you can contact us via the SMRG homepage.

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