Friday, 25 February 2011

£65,000 work under way at Craigneuk Cenotaph to honour the fallen

An article from the Wishaw Press today. Craigneuk is near where I live so I will in due course update the page for Craigneuk on the Scottish War Memorials Project.

Almost a century after the Great War began the men from Craigneuk in Wishaw, who gave their lives in the conflict will have their names remembered.

The cenotaph does not have the names of the fallen on it – but that will soon change after community campaigners spent three years raising around £65,000 to pay for the specialist work.

And members of the Craigneuk War Memorial Group looked on proudly as the upgrade finally got under way.

Patricia Tait, secretary of Craigneuk War Memorial Group, said: “The memorial is a real focal point for the local community and allows people to pay their respects. We’ve had lots of great feedback on our plans. Lots of children have been saying to us that they will be able to find their great-granddad’s name inscribed on the cenotaph.”

The memorial group have tracked down the records of every person from the area who died during the two World Wars and later conflicts so their names can be added. The 1914-18 war claimed 159 lives from the area, the 1939-45 conflict saw another 84 men make the ultimate sacrifice and two lives were lost in Northern Ireland.

A special panel will be reserved for Victoria Cross holder William Clamp who, although born in Motherwell, was educated at Craigneuk Public School. He was killed when he rushed a machine-gun post in October 1917 at Poelcapelle in Belgium, capturing 20 prisoners before being cut down by a sniper.

The upgrade to the memorial, which sits outside Craigneuk Library, received a massive boost last September when the Environmental Key Fund handed over £30,000, almost doubling the money already raised.

Wishaw councillor John Pentland said: “This will provide a place where we can pay our respects.”

Orange Lodge members from Wishaw raised around £5000.

It was also felt that as well as having the names of Craigneuk’s war dead, the cenotaph would also feature the fallen from Berryhill.

War memorial member Joe O’Raw said: “We decided it would be fitting if the fallen of Berryhill district were added to the memorial panels.”

It is hoped the work will be completed by May or June this year.

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