Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Labels on the Blog

You may have seen some extra red text being added to the bottom of our posts. In some places on the internet they are called tags and in others keywords, but here they are labels.

The sharp eyed amongst you will also have seen a large box full of seemingly random text beside the posts. That box is called our cloud.

Every time we post a message here we now try and add at least one label to it. When we do it attaches it as a red link to the post and adds it to the cloud. By clicking on either the text on the post or the cloud it will show you a list of all the posts on a similar subject.

The cloud also let's you see which are the most popular subjects we cover. The numbers in brackets gives you the number of posts that label has been attached to and the more posts a subject has the more prominent it becomes in the cloud. We have only started using the labels so we are slowly working our way back through old posts and adding them retrospectively. The World Wars are the most popular subjects but we are going to try and bring you posts from all aspects of Scottish Military History so you should see other subjects 'grow'.

If you are new to this blog you may want to click on some labels and check out some of our older posts on a subject you are interested in. Or why not live a little and click on something you wouldn't normally read.

Consider it throwing a dart at a dartboard or pin the tail on the donkey! Just move your pointer over the cloud at random and click.

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