Saturday, 3 March 2012

Image of the Day - 3rd March 2012

It's a return to our series of "mystery images" today, which today features a group of soldier. This was a recent acquisition to my collection, and the seller didn't have much information on it, apart from thinking it was possibly a group of Highland Light Infantry.

The cap badges seem to suggest that, although the officer in the centre seems to have a different cap badge - is it possibly Royal Scots?

Click on the image for a closer look, and tell us what information you can glean from this picture. As always, you can tell us in the comments below, or you can email your thoughts to


  1. It is post 1916 because some are wearing wound stripes. Back row wearing 1914 equipment suggesting New Army unit? Royal Scots officer and HLI other ranks would be my suggestion

  2. Soldier sitting, fourth from right could be Royal Scots or Canadian Scottish. Other ranks look like there are possible a mix of cap badges. A replacement depot?

    Need a magnifying glass to see more. Only so much visible online.