Saturday, 31 March 2012

Image of the Day - 31st March

We've not featured an "Image of the Day" for a while, so here's one for you all to get your teeth stuck into.

This photo is one I recently acquired through a well-known online auction site. The seller had very little information and there is nothing written on the back.

The most obvious piece of information is that the men are all in the Seaforth Highlanders - for once the cap badges can be seen!

The presence of several medal ribbons leads me to think that this might date post-First World War. The man seated in the centre clearly has more than the usual three WW1 medals - is there perhaps a couple of gallantry awards in those ribbons? Perhaps that will help us to identify him.

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  1. I'd say his first medal is a DCM and the last one is the Khedive's Sudan Medal. As a Seaforth could be Boer War and Indian GSM medals too

    1. Schoolboy error. The yellow on the Khedive's medal ribbon would not show as a light colour. It would be black. I stick with the DCM suggestion though and would put this photo as post-war because the man on top left has war and victory medals. Taken at Depot, Fort George in early 1920's?