Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Images of the Day - 19th July 2011

Yesterday I posted some formal group photos that featured my dad during his World War Two service with the Royal Engineers.

We know some detail of where he was, and when - He was in France from some time shortly after D-Day, and at some point later in the War he was in Greece.

We know he returned home around 1946/7 as his father passed away at that time. He was demobbed around the same time.

None of the following photos are dated, although there are some clues as to when they might have been taken.

This first image has no date, but does name everyone in it.

Back row: Lance-Corporal Hill, Driver Wadhams Driver Worley, Sapper Lowe, Driver Charles, Sapper Hughes, Corporal Gasking

Front row: Sapper McNay (my dad), Sapper Clark, Corporal Trenam, Sapper Hobson

In the background - 'Rosie' the Jeep.

Do you recognise any names? Does a face seem familiar? If it does, please leave a comment.

This next photo is obviously later than the first - my father is now a sergeant, and he's wearing a medal ribbon. I would therefore surmise that this is post-war, possibly in Greece.

Going by the sign, this next photo was taken in the same location as the last one, although given my father is in a different set of uniform it must be a different day. The other two individuals are not named.

Finally we have three photos which show roughly the same location. Where that location is we have no idea. Again, any information would be gratefully received.

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  1. Would love to know where these were taken.Anyboy got an ideas?