Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Holidays

Sharp-eyed viewers of the blog may have noticed that the number of posts has gone down a little in the past few days.

We wanted to reassure you that we haven't gone anywhere, nor has our interest dipped. We're merely taking a little break to recharge our batteries.

Both Adam and myself juggle this blog and all our other projects along with our full time jobs. Add to that we both have young families and sometimes it all becomes quite a lot to handle. We've had the blog going at a fair pace, and that's come at a cost.

While we've had the odd "guest author" on the blog, the majority of the work has come from us, and while I can't speak for Adam, I've found that a couple of articles I've written here recently have seemed rushed and I wasn't overly happy with them.

With that in mind we decided to take our foot off the gas rather than keep at our current pace and watch the quality suffer.

So...don't worry,  we're not going anywhere. We just need a little breathing space for a short while and we'll back to what we consider our best before too long.

Of course, you could always try writing something for us to help the workload. You know how to get in touch...

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