Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Commando Comics - For Action and Adventure

Our post yesterday about the 50th Anniversary of Commando comics stirred some nostalgia in both Adam and myself. We clearly both had the same childhood experience of spending our days endlessly reading comic after comic. We obviously lived in a world where British sergeants were all gruff, officers were usually chinless wonders or green recruits, the Japanese only said "Banzai!" or "aiieeee!" and the Germans only ever said "Gott im Himmell!"

It's great to know that Commando comics are still going strong today, and it was also great last night to discover that they have a fantastic website.

Commando Comics allows you to browse the latest issues, revisit some old classics, and offers you the opportunity to buy posters of every issue there's ever been. You can also subscribe via the website, either for the paper edition, or a 21st Century ipad edition.

My one criticism (and my wife might say it's a blessing) is that beyond posters there isn't any other merchandise. I'd love some smaller posters, a t-shirt or possibly a mug. But that's a small criticism.

Take some time to look over the site, browse the cover gallery, and download a desktop background for your PC. If you loved Commando comics as a child, be prepared to be that ten year old child all over again...

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