Friday, 25 November 2011

Images of the Day - 25th November 2011

Today's images of the day are more snaps from my the collection belonging to my wife's grandfather.

Today's two images are unlike the others in the album - the rest are the size of postcards whereas these are much smaller. The other difference is in the location. While the others were probably taken in either Britain or on the continent, these pictures seems to be in a warmer climate. The complexion on the children, plus the tropical sun helmets all point to this.

I know that in amongst the papers we have, there were a few letters from (I believe) a cousin of the family, who I think was serving with the King's Own Scottish Borderers in (I think) Egypt. I may not have this entirely accurate - I will need to check the letters. I do remember that one of them spoke of "bagging a Turk" for the family!

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