Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Credit where credit is due

For nearly five years now the volunteers of the Scottish War Memorials Project have been going out in their spare time photographing and recording memorials all over the country. No-one asks for money for recording them and no-one has to pay to view them.  It all works very well.

Sometimes though someone takes a liberty. When you see your photographs, in fact when you see a lot of your photographs on another website and uncredited it makes your blood boil.

I’m not going to give publicity to the plagiarist who took dozens of images off our forum, mostly the hard work of one man, but what I can’t understand is why the owner of the new website thought it was OK to pass all the photographs off as his own work?

The owner of the site has been contacted and has updated one page. Hopefully he’ll make more of an effort soon and give proper credit where it is due and stop passing it all off as his own work. 

Then he may get a plug on this Blog!

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