Saturday, 17 September 2011

Last survivor of SS Creemuir's sinking returns to Stonehaven

An interesting article from The Courier:

It's the first time 89-year-old Noel Blacklock had been in Stonehaven since the Second World War.

Mr Blacklock, who now lives in Bedford in England, was one of 12 men to make it out alive after the SS Creemuir was sunk in 1940.

Aberdeenshire author Rod Macdonald posted a blog about the Creemuir after diving at the shipwreck as part of his research for a new book.

Mr Blacklock's story came to light through the blog and he visited Stonehaven, where he met Mr Macdonald and gave the author a full account of what happened.

Mr Macdonald said: "I'm writing a book just now called The Darkness Below and as part of that I had put in an internet blog that I dived the SS Creemuir shipwreck.

"I only put a line or two in the blog and I thought nothing more about it."

He added: "Then, about six months later, you could have knocked me over with a feather because here was a posting from the ex-radio officer of the SS Creemuir on my blog.

"It was absolutely fascinating to talk to someone who was part of this wreck that we had seen."

Recalling the sinking of the ship, Mr Blacklock said: "We went down in about two or three minutes. The ship was light and the sea came in very quickly.

"I don't actually remember getting into the water as I had passed out by that time."

He added: "My first recollection was being underwater, coming up through the water and bumping my head on a piece of wood.

"That was when I realised I was still alive."

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