Sunday, 10 October 2010

Can you identify the uniform?

The above photograph was sent to us by Allysa Carberry, and shows her 2xgreat-grandfather, Major Alexander Coghill. You can click on the picture for a closer view.

She is curious to know what regiment he might have served in, so I thought I would post it up on the blog in the hope someone might be able to help - I'm afraid that uniform identification isn't my forte!

She provided further information which narrow the search down:

"Alexander Coghill, Date of birth 21/02/1838 in Thurso, Scotland, and he died 17/12/1905, Thurso, Scotland.

Alexander married Johanna Swanson on 14/06/1866."

The only thing I can make out is that Alexander Coghill is wearing what appears to be the Volunteer Decoration. Unfortunately, the angle of the cap doesn't show the badge, which would make identification a whole lot easier.

So...any ideas, folks? Any suggestions in either the comments here or by emailing


  1. If it's not the 1st Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers I'll eat my hat.



  2. Do you know where I can find a list of who served in the 1st Sutherland Highland Rifle Volunteers to confirm this at all?

    Thanks to for your help.
    Allysa Carberry

  3. Allysa,
    Adam is right as your great-great-grandfather Alexander Coghill was a member of the 1st Sutherland Rifle Volunteer Corps, aka the Sutherland Highland Volunteers and more information can be found through the Historylinks Museum in Dornoch, as well as in Malcolm Sutherland's "Sutherland Regiments" at

    Also there are to Gazette citations on him: The London Gazette for November 22, 1892 and the Edinburgh Gazette for November 25, 1892.

    I have hard copy of all this and can sent it to you if you send my your address to: Graham Evan MacDonell at



  4. Argyle and Sutherland definitely. My great great grandfather Lachlan Torrie and my great grandfather James (differs slightly with rank) wore pretty much the same.
    Hope this helps, there are many images online c1914 that fit the bill.
    Best wishes