Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cameronians museum in danger?

The Hamilton Advertiser has reported on a series of budget cuts proposed by South Lanarkshire Council. Among these is a proposal to close the Low Parks Museum, which is the home of the Cameronians Regimental collection.

Obviously, councils will have to make stringent cuts in the coming months and years, but this seems a drastic move, and one which should be opposed with the utmost severity. Low Parks Museum is a valuable asset to South Lanarkshire, and the Cameronians collection is a fascinating part of the museum. To propose closing the museum completely is utterly ridiculous and is a decision which should be fought - NOW.

At the moment this is only a proposal but this could easily become reality. I believe that no decision will be made until approximately February of next year, so we have until then to oppose this as much as possible.

The South Lanarkshire Council website has a page of contact details - I'm sure many of us will wish to contact them to inform them of our disappointment at even considering such a drastic move.

We'll be sure to keep you informed of any developments.

UPDATE: I've now been informed of a Facebook page called Save South Lanarkshire Museums Service - worth joining to keep up with any news.

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