Monday, 5 December 2011

Object of the Week - 5th December 2011

Every week this month until Christmas we will showcase an interesting or unusual item from either our own collections, or on display in one of Scotlands museums.

We have previously had an "object of the month" but we haven't had one for a while, so in the run up to Christmas we'll have a few.

Today's item can be found on display in the Black Watch museum at Balhousie Castle in Perth. I'm afraid the picture is not particularly great, but that should hopefully encourage you to visit the museum to get a better look!

The item we have for you today is the back door key to Spandau Prison, which held many Nazi prisoners, including Rudolf Hess. The occupying powers in Berlin took turns guarding the prisoners. Presumably at some point this included the Black Watch, and one of them perhaps accidentally walked out with this key in his pocket!

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