Monday, 8 August 2011

The Inventory of Historic Scottish Battlefields Consultation

From Historic Scotland's website:

The Inventory of Historic Battlefields Consultation

Through the Scottish Historic Environment Policy (SHEP) 2009, Scottish Ministers announced that Historic Scotland would prepare an Inventory of Historic Battlefields to identify and provide information on Scotland’s nationally important fields of conflict to aid in their future management, preservation and enjoyment. SHEP 2009 can be viewed at

In March 2011, the Inventory of historic battlefields was launched, containing records for the first 17 battlefields identified as nationally important. Historic Scotland has now opened consultation for the second tranche of Inventory records, comprising a further 11 battlefields identified as being of national importance: you can view these reports at

Research is currently taking place on a third tranche of sites, which will be subject to separate consultation in due course.

What is the Inventory of Historic Battlefields?

The Inventory identifies battlefields considered to be of national importance for the contribution they make to the archaeology and history of our nation. It includes our most significant and iconic battlefields, and provides information to aid their protection, management, interpretation and promotion. Selection criteria are set out in SHEP 2009 (Annex 5).

For each site there is a concise report describing the battlefield, the reasons for its inclusion and a map of its boundary. The Inventory map indicates the extent of the battlefield, defining the overall area considered to be of interest on the basis of research undertaken. At the end of each report, there is a list of key source material and references to aid further research and for educational use. An extended report is also available, which adds more detailed information to that in the concise report, where possible.

Further information about the Inventory can be found at

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