Sunday, 26 September 2010

Digitised Red Hackle - an update (and bad news for those who planned a purchase)

Further to a blog post from a while back about the Regimental Magazine of the Black Watch being digitised and made availbable on two DVDs - I recently posted the question of when and how much to the museums twitter feed, and received the answer that at the moment it has only been digitise for "in-house" research purposes.

At the moment, contrary to the previous report (which I think had been in the Red Hackle itself) there are no plans to release it for sale to the general public.

Personally, while I can sort of understand the reasons for this, I think it's shame as this could have been a positive boon for researchers, and also a potential source of further income for the museum.

They have stated that they will let me know if the situation changes, but I'm not overly confident.

I'm going for a visit to the museum in November - maybe I should ask for a copy when I'm there?

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