Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Red Hackle Magazine digitised

A post made today on the Scottish War Memorials Project raised my interest. The Red Hackle is the Regimental magazine of the Black Watch, and this forthcoming DVD should be of interest to military researchers.

Here's the text from Patrick Andersons post:

THE RED HACKLE MAGAZINE - chronicle of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) its successors the Black Watch 3rd Bn Royal Regiment of Scotland - 42nd 73rd :

May 2010 No 101 :


The complete collection of THE RED HACKLE MAGAZINE from 1921 to May 2009 has been dititalised and will be available to buy as a boxed set of two DVDs.

Disc 1 will carry the detail of copies from APRIL 1921 to OCTOBER 1964 and Disc 2 from JANUARY 1965 - MAY 2009 . No editions were produced during the war years (after July 1939 up until January 1946 ).

There is a word search facility on each DVD and there will be a free version of Abobe (Version 9 ) included on Disc 1.

Detail will not be downloadable and clear instructions will be included on how to use the DVDs . The price of the boxed set of DVDs is still to be confirmed but when available they can be purchased through the shop.

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  1. I would be very interested in obtaining the complete collection of The Red Hackle Magazine and would be appreciate further details when available.