Wednesday, 19 August 2009


One of the big things on the internet these days is "social networking". This takes many shapes, this blog being one of them. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace have been around for a while, and they have been joined fairly recently by one called Twitter.

In case you've never heard of it, Twitter is a site where you can post updates of around 170 characters - it makes you keep things short and to the point. Some may think that rather frivolous, but many people have got on board and are now "tweeting" regularly.

Some of them may be of interest to those of you with an interest in Scotland and military history.

Yours truly can be found here, although I wouldn't expect much in the way of updates from me, since I never seem to have the time.

Genealogist and Friend of the SMRG Chris Paton can be found here, posting regularly on events and happenings in the Scottish Genealogical world. His blog, incidentally is also worth a look and can be found here.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission have been social networking for a while (they can be found on Facebook) and have got in on the Twitter act here. They post fairly regularly with some interesting items of news and updates.

Others "Twitterers" include:

The Western Front Association

The National Archives

The Imperial War Museum

The Australian War Memorial

That's just a few of the "bigger" names - there are plenty of familiar names out there if you have a browse.

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