Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Memorials in Danger - update

Quite a bit has happened since I posted yesterday about the condition of the Mains war memorial in Caird Park, Dundee.

There has been an article in The Courier which can be viewed here. The comments of the Provost John Letford are interesting when he says that "I wasn’t aware of this previously" since this article from 2005 indicates that the condition of this park and the war memorial were made clear to him - quite obviously nothing has been done since some of the graffitti currently on the memorial is dated from 2005!

The BBC News website have also picked up the story and feature some comments from yours truly, as well as some very pessimistic comments from Councillor Bob Duncan. If it is the case that the memorial can't be saved, then frankly it's up to the council to provide a fitting replacement - they were given custody of the memorial in 1922 and they have failed in their duty to maintain it!

It remains to be seen what will happen but I think it is clear that this issue will not go away, although I suspect that is what Dundee council would like to happen.

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